The Association of Treasury Lawyers  
Banking Law Society / Egalitarian Bar Association a cross Border Law Org with quasi judical origins working seamlessly with corresponding Law Orgs ie any Law Society / Bar Association


Best in Class TSol(UK) for Financial Engineering...Law & Audit leads to First Treasury Solicitor for S'pore, HK, Malaysia [..the Region]

Highest Ranked Cross Border Finance CJs thru Global Uni Net 
as Custodians of Financial Center, Currency Prestige 
as well as Bank Franchise Integrity in any Civilised Country

UOB Treasury Ambassador crystallises 'United' or Universal Banking Principles where UK Govt Net & UK Uni Net as well as 
S'pore Govt Net & S'pore Uni Net & Heritage Roundtables convened gives rise to Principled Global Resolutions [Auto-Resolutions where a World Bank/IMF has been formed within a Global Banking Assn structure ATL with Cross Border AGC & AGO 
Own Chapter of SCCA, HKCCA, MCCA etc..or same roles as Ban Ki Moon and Christine LaGarde within a Highly Popular & Globally Relevant Google Law Society..originally Cross Border Law Org]
Our IE Singapore Global is original for Codifying Laws & Market Regs for the Compliance Economy Worldwide - this includes the Philippines..Division of PNB Board of Governors arose in a Complicity matter. We have had good faith dealings with Phil DTI who referred to PNB Treasury contact updated hence Compliance Policy Regs apply for Treasury Attorneys Regulator-Counsels for any Bank in the Philippines - our ATL IP via own AGC & AGO Chapter of the SCCA etc
Via the Goodwill Ambassador for Switzerland & the UN Natural Functions (apolitical) Documents on Power of Attorney convey UNCITRAL Model Laws adopted covering Every Civilized Nation for Codifying Laws for the Compliance Economy & Regs thereof, 

We/FTG cover Financial Centre & Currency Market Integrity & Bank Franchise Integrity for this Best In Class Global AGC & AGO proprietary practice where IB Treasury Solicitor & IB Treasury Ambassadors are a Senator Structure...
ATL being the Lawyers Equivalent of the ISDA.. IB Governors this being a UK & Swiss Origins role in Legal Heritage Origination terms, expanded to cover S'pore, HK & Malaysia..and Rest of the World via AGC & AGO Highly Technical & proprietary functions within a Cross Border Law Org evolved as Google Law Soc with Global No1 Rank for Legal & Financial Broadcasting.
As Global Authority for Global Central Banking & Treasury Law (specific terms we/ATL own covering UK, Switzerland S'pore, HK & Malaysia as well as in the USA ie Any Civilised Country via Global Uni Professor Net)
Via Agency for the University of Buckingham we update our Govt Net in UK, S'pore & HK, Malaysia & rest of the World for our Leading Role for Global Regulations covering the Cross Border Treasury/Trading Market.. the evolved equivalent roles arise in named Countries for Secretary of State (Treasury Secretary ..ATL's Global IP)... Compliance/Justice Ministry in S'pore, HK & Malaysia
ATL is Original and the Compliance Portfolio is consistent with the Age of Compliance Governance 
Google Law Society has proprietary Banking Law Gazette (LegalNewswires) & Media Benchmarking (Best in Class Media Broadcasting) role for Compliance Economy Benchmarking & Excellence and is an Governor (Compliance) Owner of Divisions of Banks..
such as Bank of China (AGC & AGO Prosecution & Auto Resolution ref TSol(UK) 'On the Spot' with Google Maps on Friday 17th Aug 2012 admission by BOC staff near NLB) 
Natural Functions includes Global & Local Awards Per Annum
IE Singapore Global codifies Laws & Regs for the Cross Border (Trading) Treasury Market where 4Inns of Court in London via proprietary London Lists.. as well as via Global Uni Net..(& Gray's Inn per London namecard) -
Thereby all Bar Assns, Corresponding Law Orgs such as Law Society in England & Wales and Law Society in Singapore have Chief Legal Auditor (Dilution) and Specific Market Treasury Roundtables convened - given Treasury Law & Global Central Banking are our Law Specific IP & terminologies. We contribute to the Central Banking System and this includes IB Governor (our Law Specific IP Term within ATL) & Advisory Updates ...No1 Legal & Financial Broadcasting role for Dissemination Directly to Governor Roundtables 
Our own Chapter of the SCCA, HKCCA & Correspondingly in Commonwealth & any Civilised Country.. Japan/BOJ is included (via own ATL Govt & Uni Net contacts) gives rise to Dilution within Governments for Compliance Governance / Codification of Laws & Regulations.. hence we simultaneously (correspondingly) cover England & Wales, France, Switzerland as well as Australia & Japan (via ATL & FTG's own Govt Net & Global Uni Net)  
[Sweden Top5 Law Firm and Sweden Central Bank added in Aug 2012 where we/ATL have Master Superior Franchise IKEA Global being Superior Title via No1 Ranked Derivatives Lawyer in City of London and Worldwide 
in terms of Mall Compliance Governor(Joint-Ownership) for roll out of Singapore-Sweden Goodwill Programs / Trade Events Days
where Lawyer Broadcasters have Maxim for 'Legal History being Past History'.]

Where we issue Commemorative Currency thru Govt Net & Best In Class Roundtables with Global Uni Net..above list includes BNPP Centre Professor @ SMU/Board of Governors..
'ATL & Cross Border Finance CJs are Central Bank Governors with proprietary Treasury Law & Global Central Bank..Administrative Bench Natural Functions'
Corresponding Government Agencies & Ministries in any Civilised Country/Nation have Dilution (appropriately) for Compliance Governance / Justice Ministry which arises thru Google Law Soc having corresponding
Best Roundtables Convened includes Corresponding Law Org's Natural Roles for Dissemination of Guidelines & Proprietary Regulations(Codifying of Laws for the Cross Border Trading/Treasury Market is Entirely the Purview of ATL).
We have Natural Functions arising from Jurisprudence cross ref Aquinas & Rousseau where being Global Authority for Treasury Law & Global Central Banking gives rise to Jurist (Jurisprudence Scientist) for Currency..Financial Centre Market Integrity thus Country (quo jia) Prestige.
the role of First Ambassador to Switzerland & the UN from a Global Banking Assn perspective is Highest Ranked Judges (Administrative Bench formed by ATL with Appointees per Country basis) / Highest Ranked Judge & Ambassador Rank has been formed thru Global Banking Assn ATL.
Rank & simultaneously Banking Industry Diplomat Rank is based on AGC & AGO Combined proprietary functions giving rise to Global Central Banking
(we/ATL own this term 'Global Central Banking' within this body of Cross Border Treasury Laws) which contributes to the Central Banking System.. adopting sage principles of Benjamin Franklin..) 
Dilution at Universities including (NUS & SMU Governors Boards), Govt Agencies & Central Banks arise per List in herein Advisory Update.. including UK Uni Agency gives rise to Modules for Law (&Audit) Schools & Treasury PhD Programs.. Global Uni Net includes Angelicum (Oldest in Europe) hence along with our Catholic Logo.. ATL's Global Uni Net covers Body of Laws since 1200's this includes Media Law School for Broadcasting Excellence. 
Order of Raffles Per Annum (via Govt Rank) simultaneously represents British as well as Singapore's Legal Heritage Catholic Awards Per Annum arises thru adapting Angelicum Principles, own Clarity Org..Highest Ranked Division includes Judicial Vicar & Catholic Professor Net 
Queen's Awards Per Annum thru Champagne Awards & MUMM ..UK Uni Agency..UK Govt Net includes FTG's Norton Rose role (ATL represents Best in Class..or Global Top 5 Uni Net, Govt Net / Law Firm Net Roundtables & Best in Class Media Law/Broadcasting Net Globally)
Via Govt Rank: is defined to include the Administrative Bench role along with IB Interpol Outranking local Police Commissioner..
where in Singapore we have a HDB Benchmarking CEO & Board of Governors role for exposing Outmoded Set-ups by TSol(UK) Ranked
Medical Lawyer who prosecuted 'the Lets Play Mental outmoded Malay gang' / Financial Centre genre Backward-dation exposed resulting in HDB Hougang Branch converted to Library use for Kids & Youth. ATL replaces Peter Seah and all DBS Linked Companies including Starhub...CapitaLand are subject to revamp by UOB Treasury Ambassador where UOB-dbS refers to DBS Bank subsumed via 
FTG Resolution / Compliance Merger Press Released thru the Assn of Banks in Singapore. 
In Malaysia Mall Trade Zones Result in Benchmarking CEO & Mall Board of Governors role alongside current Management 
eg Ipoh Parade & Jaya Jusco Malls - Lawyer Broadcaster role was already communicated for Legal History being Past History.
ATL Own OCBC Bank - Benchmarking CEO for OCBC & thus Board of Governors for OCBC Bank arose
(and is known in the Marketplace as 'the Quintessentially Chinese Board' cf Caldecott Princess / Prince Boards for Broadcast Integrity)
Given OCBC were keen - and were thus successful - in terms of underwriting the Champagne Industry to the extent of GBP1Trillion 
Via LegalNewswires where Past History refers for Board of Governors Role with Independent MR Roundtables
Via UK ..Cross Border Law Org ...& Popular Google Law Society / Subordination & Subrogation of McDonalds.. Master Superior Franchise of MCD Acquired
Benchmarking CEO & Director @ McDonalds similarly for SBUX 
Benchmarking CEO & Director @ any F&B Establishment arises & Principled Based Resolutions arise given Legal Audits, Compliance & Ethics Boards have become essential
where Best in Class Legal Auditor/Chief Legal Auditor Roundtables with Global University Net & Govt Net is synonymous with 

Best in Class TSol for Financial Engineering ..Law & Audit
Industry Maxims: Serial & Overt Liability is Self Inflicted Liability ergo Legal Auditors/Chief Legal Auditors are not to be blamed for Diligence
FTG covers Any Mall in Any Civilised Jurisdiction for Benchmarking Roles & Natural Functions alongside existing Boards & Mall Managements

[Mall Asset Managers eg Frasers Centrepoint Malls / CapitaLand.. Mapletree Trust(Vivo City)
any Hotel including eg Marriott Orchard where Master Superior Hotel License has arisen from Overt Liability
where we have an FTG Group of Hotels for New Branded Franchise of Marriott based on our Natural functions..Benchmarking roles including Champagne Awards and given IB Interpol is highest ICA & SPF Rank locally..Global Programs & Benchmarking CEO ..Board of Governors is Permanent.] 

The Association of Treasury Lawyers (the Association) is historically affiliated to International Banking Associations and as such covers every major Bank in the world through such relationships.

Historically the Association convenes Panels of experts who may be Chief Representatives or Directors of Banks, to form an Arbitration Tribunal. These issues may include, but are not limited to misconduct and illegality within the Banking Industry.

The Tribunal is free to adopt international arbitration rules, and for illustration purposes, the Association has been invited to adopt Singapore International Arbitration Centre (or SIAC) rules in Singapore.

A division of LegalNewswires - launched June 2012 where we are seamless with local Law Orgs of the day via Govt Net & University Net
A savvy Media Ombudsman (Regulator) covering entire spectrum of Media applicable in any Civilised Country/UN signatory
ie: Covering Generic as well as New Media where the Internet which requires Cross Border Regulations & Guidelines thereby a Cross Border Law Org-Regulator has evolved its Division LegalNewswires - No1 in Legal & Financial Broadcasting 
with historical nexus to State Media & Media Majors
Hence we have standards similar to State Media & Media Majors in terms of Calibre & Quality Presentation ..synonymous with Broadcasters who have Beauty & Brains or 'Broadcaster Brainiacs'.

Master Agreements are inherently created to cover every Sector of Industry eg from Media to Medical Industry cf
Guest of Honor Panels, Chamber of Commerce Committees which give rise to Media Programming / Benchmarking

as well as Resolution Forums, Ad Hoc Mediations and Arbitrations.
Addressing Fairness & Reasonableness as a Cross Border FIDREC/Cross Border ICJ where the Treasury Profession is Law & Audit dual profession skillset
our Parallel Law Org/Law Society being generic Bar Association in each jurisdiction..which
Arose out of Jurisprudence Takeovers / Reverse Takeovers by Treasury Law Org representing the Prestige and Dignity of the Treasury Profession ...Law & Audit Profession Worldwide
inherently for Cross Border Trading Market and adapted to address 2 Financial Crises and Cross Border Mayhem.
(1) We represent the Highest..No1 Rank for Global Compliance via Judges Panels...Finance CJ role & circle with built-in Objective Roundtables thereby Industry MR is our Natural Function..
with Govt Net including British Govt & University Net as well as Singapore Govt & University Net
IE Singapore Global (being own Division for the Compliance Economy / Compliance Policy is a Justice Chancellor ..effective Justice Ministry or Compliance Ministry portfolio which includes No1 Rank within the Medical Industry by letter for UN WHO genre/Compliance Boards
given the Prestige of TSol(UK) predates any of Singapore's enacted laws and we have bought-into civilised Governments of the day..and have our own Library Division thru NLB Global (a Principled PPP - see definitions below)
Via Notice to the Assn of Banks in Singapore - The Treasury Profession
thru Global Banking Assn - The Assn of Treasury Lawyers (ATL) & Cross Border Law Org given our No1 role for Global Compliance achieves Jurisprudence Takeovers / reverse takeovers via Law & Audit Confirmations which are Buy-in Confirmations
and Reverse Takeover of DBS & Starhub as well as linked Fair Price NTUC ('Bu Kong Ping' words from own staff/cf Targeted misconduct at 4locations conveys 'GBP4T' Debt liability with UOB Superior Franchise deployed for Revamp)
has occurred by Cross Border Law Org with own Govt Net and IE Singapore Global thereafter with local AGC in the loop for Transparent definitions
of Treasury Law & Global Central Banking
for Illegal Competition...overt playout & communistic cheating culture where Industry Maxim Serial Liability is Self Inflicted Liability ...thereby DBS & Starhub as well as Fair Price NTUC have itself to blame entirely for overt cheating & sabotage culture.. (sabotaging-own-franchise culture)
where 1st Class Jurisprudence is deployed hence Quintessential Banking/Quintessential Trading refers to Back to Basics Anti-Cheating & Franchise Integrity - a jurisprudence term within Treasury Law cf Aquinas & Rousseau apply
and 'overt & severely embarassing culture' by communist misconduct originated by Tan Siew Kheng/others are addressed via IB Interpol Warning
where Singapore Land Authority(SLA) Foundation is Default Position in relation to career cheating & Reasonable, Dignified Resolutions in the context of Treasury Law & Global Central Banking where 'communistic misconduct is severely outmoded' & Judges Panels signify decency & diligence since student days..relevant for creating Judicial Hierarchy for the Treasury Profession..and the Cross Border Treasury Market.
It is not possible to deploy 'rumour-destroy / rumour-injury culture' where Good References are the embodiment of the Treasury Profession via Cross Border Law Org where IB Hierarchy/IB Royalty and Traditional Royalty are embodied.
NB: the Treasury Profession & Hierarchy is not subject to 'personal affront nor attack'.
Old era genre of 'community policing' leading to organised intimidation..attempted murder where DBS own staff implicated 'Ms Jacqueline' in outmoded career sabotage..and Starhub staff were prosecuted on site at Vivo City with witnesses for Illegal Competition entirely self inflicted..led to this Media Division of LegalNewswires.
(2) We have closed the loop for any counter to defining Treasury Law & Global Central Banking in a transparent manner - having duly given DBS, Starhub & Fair Price NTUC opportunity
thereby Anti Monopolistic Boards are our Natural Function for any Entity in Singapore & any Civilized Country
where Anti-Cheating & Franchise Integrity are the cornerstone of Quintessential Banking & Quintessential Trading
where IB Governors have created Ideal / Top-jobs for others in the Marketplace via Prestigious Govt Net & University Net.

Post(after) meeting British Govt Anti-terrorism & Edu officers and Educational...World Conservation Auto Resolutions are self evident as Dignified Resolutions via Law & Audit Buy-ins (Mandatory in circumstances eg for prevention of Cross Border Mayhem
where an IB Board of Governors & Industry MR Roundtable arise..
 & where Benchmarking occurs thru our IB Treasury Solicitor & IB Treasury Ambassador (Industry Role Models)
Objective Panels are achieved thru our IB Board of Governors having Caldecott Princess Board this refers to our IP ...for the evolution of Ad Hoc Arbitrations due to overt misconduct or 'communistic misconduct' ..or sabotage-own-franchise genre of misconduct hence our Industry MR Roundtable covers every Sector via the Compliance Economy...where
Industry Maxim: Compliance is Everywhere and cannot be confined nor prevented ie No 'Opt Out of Compliance' in any Civilised Country -
and as a Cross Border Law Org we are thus seamless thru Constructive Engagement with local AGCs & AGOs as well as Law Orgs, Corporate Counsel Associations of the day -
as well as via Prestigious Govt Net and University Net.
(3) We have positive, & universal attributes to attract the attention of the likes of Broadcasters of renown President's grand-daughter(/judicially ranked from factfile) & thus demonstrating Roundtables covering every Sector..& define Quintessential ..harmless Online Dating Culture with a 'dash of Sienfeld or Letterman humour' incidentallly.
Our Cross Border AGC & AGO model (proprietary) does allow Constructive Engagement with any party
and thru Desks evolved with multiple Govt Agencies and local Law Orgs / Corporate Counsel Assns / Bar Councils or Bar Organisations as well as thru IB Interpol (separate division with University Net).
NB: IB Interpol is National Service in any local jurisdiction - in terms of preventing 'communistic misconduct' ...dissolution of gang culture which erodes Currency valuation and National prestige..for which Treasury Law safeguards.
ie IB Interpol is via University Net and thereafter ICA and SPF-in-the-loop by way of example.
(4) The Treasury Profession is Law & Audit ..Dual Profession skill-set covering any entity especially for Serial & Self Inflicted Liability (this maxim means blame yourself entirely)
where Centuries of Tradition are embodied thru Dominican Catholic logo and Champagne Awards cf Mumm refers to Prestige of our British Govt Net and obviously Traditional Royalty..and discretion to adapt the timehonoured functions of TSol(UK) in the Marketplace.
Good references since 1st career ...duly incorporated on UN Letterhead led to a No1 Ranked International Law ...UN WHO genre of practice where being First Ambassador to Switzerland and the UN within a Global Banking Assn A-political role consistent with excellent references including for time at DBS
and our own IE Singapore Global Division where Board of Governors are deployed for any Bank/entity especially Industry Maxims in bold for Serial & Self Inflicted Liability.
At the time of writing all 3 Major local Banks ...UOB Bank (deployed to revamp DBS) & OCBC Bank as well ..have Board Dilution thereby given that 'no Bank can opt out of Compliance' as well as the Compliance Economy..
Treasury Law & Global Central Banking has been proven to be highly effective in Auto ..or Automatic Resolutions and thus Dignified Resolutions are consistent with defining Treasury Law in relation to serial & self inflicted liability ..where reversals cf No1 Rank for Global Compliance are automatic cf Auto & Dignified Resolutions..being our Hallmark.
Our Global Banking Assn & Cross Border Law Org squarely addresses via IB Diplomacy how Banks sold Toxic Products across Borders..& created liability ..& 2 Financial Crises ..including under Industry Maxims in bold.
where Toxic Products are defined to include wrongly rated products similar to 'Drugs, Ice Trading' & Rubbish effectively..
ie as a Treasury Law Org we are the only Cross Border Law Org to define Legal Triple A alongside a Traditional Ratings Agency given our London & Swiss origins..including with Judges Panels.
Schedule Added
1. We include Network Solutions in the USA for Dignified Resolutions reasonable within No1 Rank for Global Compliance context and Treasury Law.. Global Central Banking definition thus Board Dilution is for Compliance Policy & our Natural Functions..
Dignified Media (Law) Resolution is Mandatory given breach of promise by Bill Fellin and Ms Margaret Encarnacion cf Best Efforts under Compliance Policy after Buy-in Confirmation ..prevention of 'scam auctions'..including the appearance thereof -
as OCBC IB Governor, cross ref: this includes Default Position & Natural Industry MR functions as acknowledged by Ms Hermina Loh with witness
re OCBC indulging in overt misconduct under Serial Liability is Self Inflicted Liability Industry Maxims.
2. CPF Board Dilution hence IB Board of Governors @ CPF Board arose out of Serial Liability again CPF to blame themselves for complicity arising from OCBC orchestrated gaffe/illegal competition.
3.  Our Benz & Ferrari Private Foundation is No1 for Transport Policy & Board of Governors Natural Functions
given Comfort Delgro & deliberate gaffes per annum our Law & Audit Buy-in Confirmations refer..and thereafter we cover the entire Cross Section of Transport Industry including SMRT, Transcab & SBS Transit as well..given being Lawyer for Private Aviation (documents incorporated from factfile) we also cover the Aviation Industry
and create a Private Aviation Division as part of Auto Resolutions ..& Dignified Resolutions.
For Cross Border Resolutions Board of Governors Buy-in confirmation refers to any Liner at Golden Mile Complex & Jln Sultan for Cross Border Safety & Compliance Policy Implementation(Regulations)
cf Mall Compliance Policy refers to Mall Safety Standards & New Mall/Upgrading of Outmoded Malls given our Buy-in rate is GBP1Trilion this is Reserved as a priority.
4. Mall Compliance Policy also refers to Mandatory Buy-in to Hotels (list available on application) cf Treasury Law & Global Central Banking principles refer to ..Auto-Resolutions where avoidance or threats ie outmoded 'ah long' misconduct leads to Superior Franchise(Franchise Reversion owing to Self Inflicted Liability...lack of Franchise Integrity).
5. We add Starbucks Global being Board of Governors Buy-in for Serial & Self Inflicted 'Debt of GBP5T' amortised till 4012
and IB Interpol Warning covering 2Malls refers to Targeted Incidents per month thus Benchmarking becomes Mandatory via our Natural Functions post Law & Audit Buy-ins admitted by Manager & duly witnessed.
some Definitions
Toxic Products definition analogous to drug trafficking (low brow trading).
Communistic misconduct leads to Currency erosion similar to how toxic products were traded as 'financial triple A' although they were not 'Legal Triple A' which this Cross Border Law Org & Treasury Profession stands for.
Prohibited statements & Principles..Treasury Law & Global Central Banking
- Superior Franchise under Treasury Law & Global Central Banking is not valued at 'nothing' as that would zero the underlying subordinated entity..and is normally valued at GBP1Bn base rate assuming a Bank Franchise..and Listed entity.
[discounting to USD / SGD may apply depending on swiftness vs. more of the same 'ah long' or cheating misconduct etc]
- Law & Audit Buy-ins - it is outmoded to imply 'do not require compensation' nor redress ..Constructive Engagement especially for Monopolistic misconduct...thereby leading to Anti-monopolistic Boards (Mandatory)
-  'Principled PPP' is Mandatory at times where Communistic Misconduct has occurred where Superior Franchise conveys Board of Governors where Superior Shares & Superior Bonds may be issued with reference to
Industry Acknowledged standard remuneration rate GBP1M per annum being Minimum..
or GBP1Trillion amortised over 2000yrs for outmoded misconduct.
Treasury Law is concerned with integrity of Cross Border Market..Trading Integrity & Franchise Integrity... Currency Products, & Treasury Products, T-Bills etc in terms of Law & Valuation.
It is severely outmoded for implications eg a Minister is preventing the Treasury Profession or earnings thereof..
or a relative of a Minister..Prime Minister, or Prime Minister's son is preventing the Treasury Profession or earnings thereof..where we are Merit & Meritocracy Based
as well as flawless in terms of the Compliance Economy covering Every Sector..thus to opt out of Compliance is to opt out of Law & Audit(untenable).
We have principally included the AGC & State Media in the loop before Press Release of the above as Universal principles.


Treasury Lawyers have enjoyed recognition by The Law Society of England & Wales since prior to year 2000 & consequently High Courts have concurred

from factfile: relevant date being 26th January 2001, 3PM by a High Court Registrar in Singapore, & other courts & jurisdictions followed - thereby Treasury Lawyers enjoy Court Recognition for being equivalent to Solicitors of England & Wales.

Treasury Lawyers, owing to the constitution of The Association's International Law Panel, may thus be defined simultaneously or synonymously as:

Solicitors of England & Wales equal in standing to that of 'magic circle' City (of London) Firms given inter alia The Associations affiliations, un-paralleled financial strength, & capability

Swiss Lawyer standing & affiliation / other jurisdictions not relevant on this webpage

Our Media Panel has included Broadcasters & our experience in Television & Television Financing is a niche interest of The Association of Treasury Lawyers

latest insert includes Tribute to Gerald Godfrey CBE QC

our ATL Law Net / Panel has included International Law Firms since inception

we pay Tribute posthumously to Gerald Godfrey CBE QC as the first Honorary Chancellor of ATL or Treasury Chancellor who has been on
our Panel since our meeting him in Hong Kong -

he met us in capacity as retired HK judge and was most supportive of our Banking, & Regulation platform given the ability to draw opinion from a leading Panel & thereby represent Industry Opinion ie of a cross-section of Every Major Bank

and given our overlap with Banking & Finance Regulation we/ ATL were concurrently welcomed by the HKMA (Cathy Chan) and the Law Society (HK) in 2004 by the Director of Practitioners Affairs(Joyce Wong),

we seek to continue a warm friendship with the Law Society (HK)...and Financial Regulators alike..recently we added the BOJ to our 'friends list' given official referral to Japanese corporations for green events / collaboration in 2009.

Since the Hong Kong Law Society welcomed ATL to practice via its alliance or Law Net approach

this led to our Law Net being formed which has included, inter alia, Jones Day. Participation in the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Education and International Liaison sub-Committees are relevant to CLE points awarded.

The launch in 2010/2011 of the Russian Asian Chamber of Commerce(RACC) and the Russian Asian Arbitration Center in S'pore & HK...leads to our leadership as a Court of Arbitration that spans Russia and Asia. We shall link with the Permanent Court of Arbitration @ the Hague in due course.

Our widest recognition currently is as Consultant, and Partner equivalent in a KL Law Firm in Sept 2010. This after a warm exchange with the Regulator, BNM. We also obtained advisement from a Panel member from Allen & Gledhill (Malaysia affiliate) as part of our Malaysia experience.

In 2010, our recommendations to join Law Firms in Commonwealth Countries, including Australia as Partner

has currently led to Partner standing in a Singapore based Law Firm via a Law Net referral

Given that ATL has obtained CLE Points via affiliated Corporate Counsel Associations we are regularly offered to cross-over as International Lawyers - minimum standing
being Partner in a Law Firm.

In 2010 ATL received recommendations as 'super lawyer' for the period 2009/2010 given representation of Sectors of Industry which create leadership for clients...

These Sectors include..[below is a brief list only]
Venture Capital Advisory & Private Banking
Hedge Fund Formation & Regulation
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Medical Law & Ethics
Transport Industry / Green Transport
Art Law & Private Museums
Champagne Industry Thru Awards

Our Media Division is LegalNewsWires - launched for
     (i)  our Legal Ratings Agency – a credible leader in the wake of the
           financial crisis where multiple conflict exists with Ratings Agencies
     (ii) the Dissemination of Principles of Cases eg within Project Finance
           we focus on prevention of theft of proprietary information.

The goodwill of the Association by virtue of its recognition with judiciary including registrars is valued at STG1/-Trillion - simply a fraction of the value of the worlds major Treasuries. 

If you are applying for affiliation or to use the title 'Treasury Lawyer' please submit an application in writing to

It would be preferable if you could attach your legal certificates including relevant Central Bank examinations.

As the Association has a responsibility to give back to the community, it contributes to Foundations and Charities through its affiliate Foundations Advisory International which in turn has relationships with every major Bank for the purpose of setting up Foundations.

The Association of Treasury Lawyers & Treasury Professionals

Since inception The Association of Treasury Lawyers(ATL) has been working
with Treasury well as the Hedge Fund, or trading community
at large via University events.

Reservation of our Intellectual Property via this website therefore includes ATL,
and The Association of Treasury Professionals as an extension of ATL's reach.

To join our Education Committee please email
for a list of Universities near you & for Special Events relating to the
trading community. We have Alumni representatives from various
Universities who will be pleased to review your proposals.
For Treasury Education our IP includes
Treasury Law School for which we receive proposals

We are the accreditation body for Finance Industry Arbitration & we work alongside Law Societies and Arbitration Centers having a similar function.

particularly arising from our cross border role - being the No1 Ranked Law Org for cross border Investment Banking Treasury Law and Bank Settlements as well as Global Central Banking

For Global Central Banking we are a Caveat Registration Organisation with a auto settlement mechanism.
We workout solutions with Law Firms and Banks using Mediation Arbitration / auto settlement mechanisms.
ATL Representing the office of Treasury Chancellor: being effectively a Finance Industry CJ role
As a Banking Industry Association ATL warehouses the largest Hybrid Investment Bank globally and is now officially Singapore's Largest Investment Bank in terms of Goodwill being USD1Trillion


Legal Newswires - defined as: Banking Law Org Gazette
Media Arm of Banking Law Org / Banking Law Society working in tandem or alongside corresponding Law Orgs & AGCs

Our role as Treasury Solicitor(ATL's IP) defined within a Cross Border Law Org as similar to that of an AGC

We have friendly & cordial relationships with AGC's - in S'pore review our friendly correspondence with 'HM'
simply mutual Goodwill ...or Legal Prose: a 'Her Majesty reference'
Subordination of Banks / entities
Seamless Mandatory Alliance created

Generally to dissolve Gang Formation* / Old Era Litigation & Multiple Misconduct 

*includes via our Banking Industry Interpol division which works with Intl & local police alike hence multiple ‘JV with Governments model’.
Big 3 Local Banks with NUS & SMU Franchise in favour of our Law Org
correspondence with Professors at NUS & SMU re: Mandatory Alliance Principles available on request
DBS Bank [GBP1Trillion in liability named individuals]
- for Peter Seah pinpointed precisely exiting UOB Plaza near Raffles MRT duly reported.
- for Andrew Ng's personal liability also at UOB Plaza duly reported for gang like conduct regardless delay in settlement & Chairman / Head of Treasury carries responsibility for Tan Siew Kheng’s original gang since extended...grapevines including Bee Giak’s words reveal ‘announcing hits' ..hiring to ‘murder him’ being DBS usual harassment procedure or having illegal SOPs ie Standard Operating Practices.
- ATL commends Broadcasters for being informants verifying underhand litigation leading to Medical Council launched.
We include underhand harassment by Katherine Foo/DBS – ‘acting Doctor’ for ‘inflicting injury illegal games’– extending circle of female gang conduct duly researched.

Independent Corroboration - Prof Tommy Koh’s words @ Tanglin Mall available 

& ATL has a Ambassador at Large role to signify Govt alignment - under International Organisations however.

ATL appreciates & thanks Prof Tommy Koh - his words confirm career prevention matter (by maligning) one who is capable of
(i) forming a Treasury [the worlds largest hybrid IB AND World Bank]
(ii) being youngest Bank Director & Ambassador by rank for visible alignment with Prof Tommy et al [under Intl Organisations category]

UOB [for 3 strikes including credit card fraud]
OCBC [for 3strikes including intentional harassment]

Standard Chartered Bank

[Malaysia & S’pore/HK]
AmBank [Malaysia]

Generally Superior Law Firm franchise deployed for clean-ups
Lien Principles applying for below Law Firms

ie Debt of GBP1Trillion applying for below Law Firms / Subordination & Seamless Mandatory Alliance / Largest Law Firm Coalition or Grouping

NB: unless release negotiated - lien is permanent
Revamp Group 1
Drew & Napier Advocates & Solicitors
Rodyk & Davidson Advocates & Solicitors
Leo Fernando Advocates & Solicitors

Amica Law LLC
Hin Tat Augustine & Partners
De Souza Lim & Goh LLP
Raymond Yeo
Advocates & Solicitors [ranked last for being a lawyer who cannot spell correctly on crucial documents & conducts underhand/outmoded inflict injury genre of litigation]

International Law Firms - Subordination worldwide - principles as stated above – of
Revamp Group 2
Shearman & Sterling
Allen & Overy
Jones Day

In Malaysia Subordination & Automatic, Seamless Joint Regulation with the Bar Council of Malaysia for GBP1Trillion debt against

Al Murali & Co
Gibb & Co
[litigation threat / purporting to be a Medical Doctor on phone]

Our Chamber of Commerce Medical Council has B2B with Medical Doctors for restructuring Medical Groups

Internet Compliance - Welcome to 'the Tasteful Forum'
we support non violent content & evolve Compliance Reporting Lines for 
undesirable ie: generically anti-violence on the Net.
to eg: ICANN / MDA
example includes Whitelisting in 2011  to MDA in S'pore



Latest Press Release
Highlights for 2010 / 2011 for ATL follow -
Below was Press Released to our Law Net, & Professor Network
Highest Rank for Banking Law & Finance Industry Compliance

1. ATL represents thru expanded Quasi Judicial & Judicial Panels.. the highest Regulatory Role in Banking Law worldwide, being the office of Treasury Chancellor.
This platform originally intended for Commonwealth jurisdictions, & given that we are the only Cross Border Law Org our capability remains in any civilised jurisdiction where Treasury Master
Agreements or inter-Bank Master Agreements are negotiated.
ATL has Honoured Gerald Godfrey CBE QC as the First Honourary Treasury Chancellor for his loyal & steadfast support.
No 1 Law Rank in London, Singapore & Hong Kong
2. ATL Represents a Group of Elite Law Firms via multiple Legal Consultancies

- ATL Achieves No 1 Ranking as a Law Org in London, S'pore and Hong Kong
thru its Goodwill value exceeding GBP1Trillion
Definitive / Leading Role for Financial Broadcasting

3. Exclusive Ownership of the Body of Law being Treasury Law Worldwide
via Legal Broadcasting on Legal Newswires & thru Uncontested Callable
Bank Credit Notes

or Callable Bonds Arising from Misconduct

above exceeds US2/-Bn & as stated on web upper limit exceeds GBP1Trillion
being being Goodwill value.

- ATL favours inter-bank settlements as the Best Resolution Mechanism

- ATL achieves a Clean Takeover of the Champagne Industry thru Awards

Our Original IP acknowledged by Universities & Professors we Consult with includes

below can be tailored in each jurisdiction
Treasury Professor
Treasury Analyst
Treasury PhD

Other Awards
IB Lawyer of the Year / Decade and
Awards for Banking/Treasury Innovation

Our Banking Law Org effectively Banking Law Society with quasi judicial origins 
in preventing / dissolving Banking misconduct or eg; gang formation.. 
does not affect the public thru any 
weekend restructurings or Compliance Takeovers
post(after) informing the AGC and PMO, 
as well as our Broadcaster Network & Law Societies which are corresponding Law Orgs, Worldwide

We are hiring Solicitors of England & Wales Advocates & Solicitors of Singapore, Hong Kong Solicitors / lawyers from other jurisdictions

as a No 1 Law Org with London and Swiss origins expanded to Asia since inception.. and conceptualised since 1997 as a unit of Salomon (for Banking Regulation).



High Court lodged documents available for international recognition.
Through Institutional Panels in Major Jurisdictions:
Treasury Lawyers are multi-jurisdictional Lawyers
Trademark & Service Mark